533 East Gay Street
West Chester, PA

Winter Recital Attire

Attire For Winter Showcase

Winter Show Attire for Pre-dance, and Combo

Pre-dance 1

Tuesday 12:45

Tuesday 1:45

Friday 10:30

Saturday 9 AM

Pre-dance 2

Tuesday 1:15

Tuesday 4:45

Thursday 1:15

Friday 10:30

Saturday 10 AM

Tuesday Combo 5 pm

Thursday Combo 4:45 pm

If your child is in any of the above classes, his/her attire for the Winter Show is anything that is bright, festive and fun!  Sweaters, shirts, leggings, skirts, skorts…. ANYTHING GOES!  

If your child is older and can manage to keep track of things, you can even add a Santa hat or reindeer ears. Imagine your child being dressed for a holiday or winter party for school.  That’s what they should wear!  We have some sample pictures hanging on the bulletin board in the lobby.

Long hair should be pulled back in a ponytail or half ponytail and a festive head piece may be worn.

All of the above dances will wear tap shoes.

Winter Show Attire for Levels 1-6

All dancers should have a black leotard and tan tights. I have the tan tights for purchase, for $6 a pair. I will have a few black leotards for purchase for $15 each, after Thanksgiving. Leotards can be of any style; long sleeve, short sleeve, fancy, simple…, individuality is fine!  You can use the below guidelines to accessorize your child’s attire.

Ballet—please add a black ballet skirt. I will have some available for purchase for $13, after Thanksgiving.

Lyrical—same as for ballet

Tap, jazz and hip hop—spandex shorts, and FUN accessories!  Scarves, leg warmers, a fun winter or holiday shirt, Santa hat, reindeer antlers, anything goes!  (Level 6 jazz has more specific instructions. Please check with your dancer)

Acro—please add black spandex shorts. Nothing more.

Musical Theatre


Monday and Thursday—TBD

All dancers in level 1-6 should have their hair in a bun, and a fun bow or headpiece can be worn.

BOYS—Black pants or leggings, and a fun shirt. Be sure that it is easy to dance in and that the shirt doesn’t move too much. For boys doing acro, I’ll see what I can help you find.