Studio Closings

Our year long curriculum is based on a 34 week season, which includes class instruction, dress rehearsal time, and picture day. 



2021-2022 Scheduled Closings:


Tuesday, Nov 23rd-Saturday, Nov 27th      (Thanksgiving Break)


Saturday, Dec 19th-Saturday, Jan 1st           (Winter Break)

Monday, Feb 21st                                          (President's Day)    


Tuesday, April 12th-Monday, April 18th        (Spring Break)


Friday, May 27th-Monday, May 30th            (Memorial Day)

Weather Related Closings:

If we need to close due to poor weather conditions, we will notify everyone by email, and we will post the information on the website and Facebook page. Generally we will follow the WCASD guidelines. However, often times, the afternoons will clear up, and we may decide to open, even if school is cancelled. If the weather turns bad in the afternoon, we will make our decision based on the weather report as best we can. It is not an easy decision to make, and we always consider the safety of all our dance families as well as instructors. All classes that are missed due to inclement weather will be made up before the end of the dance year.



Make-up Policy:

If a child must miss class due to illness, travel, or school activity, a make up class can be scheduled. All classes should be made up before the end of the dance year. Please email Ms. Rhonda to schedule a makeup class.