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  • I have a child who is just starting dance class. What class should I register for?
    Depending on the age of your child, we can make several recommendations. We have a full pre-dance program based on age, which takes dancers through Kindergarten. Experience is not required for any of these classes. For older dancers (age 7-10), we place students mostly by age but also experience, and certain classes are easier to jump into than others. For Tweens and Teens (ages 10-18) who are new to dance, we have a full program for older dancers who are beginners. So 11 and 12 year olds who are new to dance will always have a place to fit in! No matter your child's age, we do a full assessment of each dancer before placing them. We also offer “Catch-up classes” throughout the year.
  • What should my child wear to dance class? What supplies are needed and where can I buy them?
    We require dancers to dress appropriately for classes. Certain classes have different requirements, but basic dance attire (Leotard and tights) is always the best choice. We do not have color requirements. Check out our dress code information here!
  • When do classes start? Can my child start in January and just dance until June?
    Our curriculum is based on a full school year (Sept-Jun), which develops the dancer and prepares them for the next level. However, some classes do permit starting mid-year. Also, if your dancer has had previous experience, we can assess them mid-year, and place them in appropriate classes. Recital preparation starts in February, so generally new students are not taken at that time, however, there are varied circumstances that can allow for a student to start later than February.
  • Can I make my tuition payments online?
    No. TTL does not take online, electric or credit card payments. The reason for this is that the fees are too high, averaging over $25,000 per year. We believe in keeping costs affordable for families, and encouraging parents to help with our community fundraising, rather than pay unnecessary fees. As we move more and more into the digital world, we recommend that families use the option to set up automatic payments through their banks. These payments are easy to set up, and do not have an added fee.
  • Do you have a recital and do all dancers participate?
    We have two recitals: an informal winter recital, and a more formal spring recital. Dancers are not required to participate, however, we do encourage it - the recital is the payoff for all the hard work!
  • Are classes held during the summer?
    During the summer, we have summer camps and a modified schedule, including drop-in classes for ages 6-10, “catch-up” tap classes, and some conditioning for dancers.
  • How do I register my child for classes?
    The best way to register is to follow the link to our parent portal, create an account, and register your dancer for classes. Once we see the account is created, we do our best to reach out to parents via email, to see if they have any questions on class placement or curriculum.
  • Can my child come for a trial class, or to tour the studio?"
    We always allow a free trial for any class. It helps us assess the dancer, and it gives the dancer a feel for the type of class they might want to take. You and your family are also able to tour our studio at any time; just call ahead so we can be sure there is someone available to greet you and show you around!
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