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Our Classes

There's something for everyone at Time to Leap!

45 Minute Combo Class

Pre-Dance classes are 45 minute combo class, consisting of pre ballet and tap skills. Dancers will learn gross motor skills, classroom protocol, basic ballet positions and stretching techniques, basic tap skills, and creative dance.

Pre-Ballet and Tap Skills

Kinderdance classes are a continuation of the pre-dance classes, fine tuning the basic skills and getting the dancers ready for leveled classes. Dancers will learn the 5 ballet positions, and basic pre-ballet skills, and tap technique becomes more advanced. Dancers also get an introduction to jazz. 

Combo Class
60-Minute In-Depth Class

Combo classes are 60 minute classes, that are more in depth, and the dancer can choose what he/she would like to do. Combo classes are either Tap/Ballet or Tap/Jazz. Basic skills continue to progress to becoming more advanced, choreography retention becomes part of the curriculum, as well as an introduction to floor patterns and team work. 

Rhythm and Style

Tap focuses on rhythm, footwork, musicality, choreography retention and improvisation. Tap dancing encourages dancers to find their own rhythm and style, at an age-appropriate pace. 

The Foundation of Dance

Ballet is the foundation of all dance, and is a must for the serious dancer. It enhances grace, posture, discipline, core strength, flexibility and more. Dancers also get to enjoy the rich tradition and history of ballet. 

Energy and Groove

Jazz is an upbeat, energizing style of dance, that takes technical elements of ballet, fast footwork of tap, and some of the move and groove from hip hop! While jazz can be fun, we do also emphasize technique; pointed toes, proper positioning, flexibility, core strength, and more. Styles can range from Broadway style jazz to Street jazz. Dancers work with age appropriate choreography to gain an understanding of proper jazz technique. 

Ballet & Jazz Fusion

Lyrical dance is a fusion between ballet and jazz. It  can be a little less structured than ballet, and a little more technical than jazz. Lyrical dance allows the dancer to find interpretation of music, work as a group for floor patterns and lifts, and challenges the dancers to find the next level of strength and technique. 

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